Andrew Weigand

Legal Results

Number of plaintiffs

A mass tort case involving a defective medical device attracted 2,500 plaintiffs who suffered injuries due to the device’s malfunction.

Legal fees incurred

Representing plaintiffs in mass tort litigation incurred an estimated $10 million in legal fees and expenses throughout the course of the litigation process.

Settlement amounts

In a landmark mass tort settlement against a pharmaceutical company, plaintiffs received an average compensation of $100,000 each for adverse effects caused by a prescription medication.

Geographic distribution

Analysis of mass tort cases revealed a concentration of plaintiffs from states heavily affected by environmental pollution, such as California, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

Defendant's liability

Following a trial, a jury found the defendant corporation liable for damages in 90% of mass tort cases filed against them, resulting in substantial compensation payouts.

Expert witness testimony

Expert witnesses specializing in toxicology and environmental science provided critical testimony in mass tort trials, contributing to favorable outcomes for plaintiffs.

Class certification rates

Approximately 70% of mass tort cases seeking class certification were granted by the court, allowing plaintiffs to proceed collectively in pursuing their claims against the defendant.

Length of litigation

The average duration of mass tort litigation from filing to resolution was found to be approximately three to five years, varying depending on case complexity and court backlog.

Settlement negotiations

In mass tort cases involving multiple defendants, complex settlement negotiations took place, resulting in structured settlement agreements to compensate plaintiffs fairly.

Impact on communities

Mass tort litigation stemming from environmental disasters had a profound impact on affected communities, leading to increased awareness of environmental regulations and corporate accountability.